My box is empty! Time to drive!

The painter needed a couple more weeks before he could take the car so I applied for a VIN last week with ICBC. I thought the process was going to be long and complicated. I visited the insurance company and found the broker was a car guy, and knew exactly what to do. We got everything filed and I though we were on the way.

Turns out I was missing a Customs form…and thought oh no, here we go….missing forms, paper work etc. One email and 4 hours later I had the form, got it to ICBC and they confirmed everything was in order. The VIN was approved a couple days later and is ready for me.

So now I have an appointment on Friday for the Out of Province Inspection and if everything checks out, they will affix the VIN to the car. Once that is done, it can be registered and plated. To be able to get to the inspection, I have arranged a day permit insurance, so I can get there, then back to the insurance broker so he can do his part. Its a bit strange but the insurance guy has to view the car with the VIN installed before registering.

So this weekend I spent working on getting everything done that is necessary to pass the inspection. It was a busy weekend installing chrome parts to the body and finishing up things. This included the gas filler assembly, wipers, doors, licence plate and wiring, bumpers, hood latches, mirrors, trunk light which is on a cool little tilt switch so it goes on automatically and other misc items.

One thing I was unsure of was if I needed labels for all the switches so my kids got out the label maker and did up some temporary labels.

Aligning the doors and getting the door latches installed was one of those tasks that sounds easy, but took many hours to get correct.

The other task that was a bit tricky was to get the wipers drilled in the body, the mechanisms fabricated and lined up, and getting the whole thing working. Dana helped me with this which was great because it was starting to frustrate me. I had them close but they were not working fluidly. We got it all sorted out and with my son as the artificial rain maker, got them working perfect. They even park nicely.

After the weekend, my parts box is basically empty. It was a pretty good feeling, a stand and stare at the car and drink a beer good feeling. (Like the gas monkeys say “Blood Sweat and Beers!” I did all three this weekend.)

So here are a few pictures of things installed this week. The car looks fantastic, and I cant wait to drive it on Friday.







First gel coat drive

I have gotten the side pipes installed, and most of the other external parts that are all on for test fitting, so I decided to take the car for a quick spin. The fan belt is loose so you hear that when I start the car, but otherwise all systems are up and running.

Final pictures before body is mounted

Pretty much everything on the car is done now, so the final stages are to mount the body, affix all parts to ensure everything fits before paint, then send it to paint.

Here are the final pictures of the car prior to mounting the body.

Ready for body mounting

Ready for body mounting

Ready for body mounting

Ready for body mounting

Ready for body mounting

Ready for body mounting

Ready for body mounting

Ready for body mounting

Final touches before body goes on

I have not had much time to spend in the garage in the last 4 weeks, but this week I finally got back to it. I am working hard to get the car ready to go to paint.

The plan I have with the painter is to get the car as complete as complete as possible. This includes anything that needs to be done before the body goes on, then put the body on, mount and test fit all hardware on the body, remove it and take it to the painter. They will do the body work, then remove the body, paint it, and then we will together remount the body, and they will do the final door fitting etc. So by the time it leaves the painter, the body will be painted and mounted for the final time.

I had a tonne of to do items, some easy, some took longer. Lots of the 80/20 rule and lots of little items that I have been ignoring.

Things like:
-parking brake adjustment to tighten it better
-brake line clips around foot box
-fabricating the final panels over the driver footbox so it can be removed for servicing
-creating a door and locking mechanism for the glove box
-some electrical work under the dash
-clean up of wires in trunk
-mounting the center console and re-aligning dash
-mounting and fitting seatbelts, making sure my youngest can fit, and an adult also
-fitting the steering wheel length with seats in

We also got some good go carting in this weekend, doing some runs, making some adjustments etc.

The interior is complete for the most part, a couple bits on the steering wheel and glove box, but the carpet is all in, the seats are mounted for the final time and belts are in. The steering wheel needed some adjustments and the dash got moved around a bit.



Tomorrow the car is going in for alignment, then Thursday the body is going on. The next big challenge is the windshield. Many of them crack, they are not built well apparently, so there are lots of complicated tips to try to keep them from cracking. I am also going to start talking with ICBC about insurance and licensing. Very exciting!

First Ride with a Passenger!!

After fighting with the seats for several days, I finally got them installed today along with the seat belts. The driver seat was a bear to install, lots of planning and measuring. The Driver side has seat tracks, and I didnt like the supplied hardware to install them, so I got different bolts and taped them into the frame. The supplied bolts were self tapping and I hate self tapping bolts.

Getting the seats in safe and securely is the most important thing. Also, its a tight squeeze so getting everything lined up to fit, not rub on the door, or rub on the transmission mount took lots of planning. Then checking, then remeasuring, then checking…repeat…. The hardest part was lining up the bolts to drill through the frame of the seats.

Once I actually got the nerve to drill, things lined up perfectly. phew…planning and checking paid off.

So, now with seats, and the simpson 5 point harness seatbelts, I could go out and do a bit of driving on our dead end street. I also took the kids out for a drive so they were the first official passengers.

First Passenger-my 13 year old

First Passenger-my 13 year old

Second official passenger

Second official passenger

The car drove pretty well for the first time out, I still need to work on the alignment, the brake hoses got recalled so i need to redo all those, and there is some tweaking to do all over the place.

Good fun driving in the cul de sac but not sure my neighbors all saw it that way. I guess I will need to take them all for a ride 🙂