Some great shots from Neil

Many thanks to Neil for taking some shots of the Cobra in August. You can see more of his work here

This is my favoriate one

This is my favoriate one

Snake in the Grass

Snake in the Grass



Driver Front

Driver Front

Passenger Front

Passenger Front

Sneaking Up

Sneaking Up

First look at paint

The car is finally painted and it looks fantastic. Tomorrow we are putting the body back on the car for the final time, mounting the doors, hood and trunk. Then on Sunday the car will come home and that leaves me just one weekend to get it all put together and road worth before the car show. Yup feeling a bit of pressure there timing wise.

The painter did an amazing job, cant wait to get it put together.

Here is a teaser pic.


Body work and paint

Wow it has been a long while since I wrote a post. Not much was done over the winter but now we are in full swing. I patiently (ok not so patiently, it was torture) waited for the painter I wanted to do the car. He finally took it a couple week ago and has been going full steam on it since.

The doors, trunk and hood were all fit. Then the body was modified so everything fit just perfect. The hood was difficult to fit, so it was cut underneath, re-worked and re-fiber glassed. Same with the tops of the doors. We had to build up lots on the lower driver door, which was to be expected. This is a common issue on this car. We also rolled the edges, cut the louver holes to be the proper size and cleaned up the exhaust pipe holes.

After that, the body was flipped over, and the entire underside sanded, prepped, then gel coated in the same silver as the engine compartment. This added strength to the body, will make it easy to keep the underside clean and also makes the underside all look consistent.

Gelcoat under side

Gelcoat under side

Now that the body is fully prepped, this week the painter is doing several coats of black primer, block sanding and repeating. Once it is perfect, the plan is to paint the stripes, then color. Hopefully starting in the next week or so. The goal is to have the body painted and back on the car by the first weekend in May.





While the body work was ongoing, I was finishing up some loose ends on the chassis so ensure everything was done properly before the body goes back on. Just a tonne of small things like closing a hole in the firewall, properly fitting the dash, fixing the ignition which was not tight enough and was spinning (and driving me crazy). I also fabricated some mounts so the dash can now go on and off without removing the body. This is a big thing since I plan on re-doing the dash at some point but don’t want to remove the whole body.

So, hopefully next post will be the stripes and color.

I am registered for a car show on fathers day in Qualicum, so have a hard deadline to get the car done by then.

Body work has started

The body work on the Cobra has started. We have cut the doors, trunk and hood to fit and made sure they are all lined up properly. Then I ground off all the seams that were created in the fiberglass mold.

That’s all that will happen until January when we lay down some rage gold and block out the car.






Fall update

I have been really busy lately so have not had much time to devote to the car. I was planning on getting it painted in Sept/Oct but i ended up delaying the paint until Jan/Feb now with a different painter. This will give me time to finish up a few things I didnt get to before the body went on.

I have about 200 km on the car now, not a tonne but enough to shake it down a bit. Not many changes need to be made but I do have the ride height too low so need to raise the front at least a half inch. I learned this when i went over a bump and the tire hit the wheel well. I am sure glad i learned this before paint because it made a bit of a mess of the lip on the body.

I am now starting to take apart for paint. The process for painting has changed after switching to a different painter. He is going to spend a weekend in Nov at my house, trimming the doors, hood, trunk etc so they are properly fit and gapped. Then I will remove all the chrome, remove the body and ship him the body off the car. This is going to be a much cleaner approach rather than blocking it on the car. It also allows me to finish up some mechanical items.

So probably not much going on for the next month or so.

My box is empty! Time to drive!

The painter needed a couple more weeks before he could take the car so I applied for a VIN last week with ICBC. I thought the process was going to be long and complicated. I visited the insurance company and found the broker was a car guy, and knew exactly what to do. We got everything filed and I though we were on the way.

Turns out I was missing a Customs form…and thought oh no, here we go….missing forms, paper work etc. One email and 4 hours later I had the form, got it to ICBC and they confirmed everything was in order. The VIN was approved a couple days later and is ready for me.

So now I have an appointment on Friday for the Out of Province Inspection and if everything checks out, they will affix the VIN to the car. Once that is done, it can be registered and plated. To be able to get to the inspection, I have arranged a day permit insurance, so I can get there, then back to the insurance broker so he can do his part. Its a bit strange but the insurance guy has to view the car with the VIN installed before registering.

So this weekend I spent working on getting everything done that is necessary to pass the inspection. It was a busy weekend installing chrome parts to the body and finishing up things. This included the gas filler assembly, wipers, doors, licence plate and wiring, bumpers, hood latches, mirrors, trunk light which is on a cool little tilt switch so it goes on automatically and other misc items.

One thing I was unsure of was if I needed labels for all the switches so my kids got out the label maker and did up some temporary labels.

Aligning the doors and getting the door latches installed was one of those tasks that sounds easy, but took many hours to get correct.

The other task that was a bit tricky was to get the wipers drilled in the body, the mechanisms fabricated and lined up, and getting the whole thing working. Dana helped me with this which was great because it was starting to frustrate me. I had them close but they were not working fluidly. We got it all sorted out and with my son as the artificial rain maker, got them working perfect. They even park nicely.

After the weekend, my parts box is basically empty. It was a pretty good feeling, a stand and stare at the car and drink a beer good feeling. (Like the gas monkeys say “Blood Sweat and Beers!” I did all three this weekend.)

So here are a few pictures of things installed this week. The car looks fantastic, and I cant wait to drive it on Friday.