Fall update

I have been really busy lately so have not had much time to devote to the car. I was planning on getting it painted in Sept/Oct but i ended up delaying the paint until Jan/Feb now with a different painter. This will give me time to finish up a few things I didnt get to before the body went on.

I have about 200 km on the car now, not a tonne but enough to shake it down a bit. Not many changes need to be made but I do have the ride height too low so need to raise the front at least a half inch. I learned this when i went over a bump and the tire hit the wheel well. I am sure glad i learned this before paint because it made a bit of a mess of the lip on the body.

I am now starting to take apart for paint. The process for painting has changed after switching to a different painter. He is going to spend a weekend in Nov at my house, trimming the doors, hood, trunk etc so they are properly fit and gapped. Then I will remove all the chrome, remove the body and ship him the body off the car. This is going to be a much cleaner approach rather than blocking it on the car. It also allows me to finish up some mechanical items.

So probably not much going on for the next month or so.

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