Vin, Inspection and …

… License plate!!!!

Yup, you got it. The cobra is on the road. It is still in gel coat but on Friday I took it through all the hoops to get it insured.

Since it was the first time on the road, I had Dana follow me in his car. This gave me some peace of mind since we really didn’t know how it would perform, or if there would be issues.

The first step on friday was to get the temporary plate. Then, we drove around the neighborhood for 4km which allowed me to calibrate the speedometer. Then off to Canadian Tire for the Out of Province inspection and VIN attachment.

The car passed inspection, the vin was attached and we were off the next stop, the auto plan agent. There they inspected the vin, registered the car and assigned a license plate.

From there, we went to the weigh scale near elk lake to get the official weight. 2200 lbs exactly.

Today I went for the first cruise with another cobra and we drove around the waterfront, stopped for coffee and had a great time.

The car now has 125 km on it, and so far it has worked flawlessly. I am pretty impressed with it.

It is about as expected to drive. Loud, bumpy, smelly, hot, head turning awesome!

3 thoughts on “Vin, Inspection and …

  1. I have been following your AC Cobra build from the beginning and always followed them with keen interest.
    I also finished my cobra . I started my project March 2013.
    I’m looking for a reasonable paint job and was curios where you had your Cobra painted and in what ball park were your coasts.
    I would greatly appreciate the name of your paintshop that did the body and paint work for you.
    Thank you very much.
    Dan Wenger

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