I decided to get the car professionally aligned before the body went on. I knew it was way out since I just eyeballed the setup when I assembled it. Getting it done before the body went on made it easier for the shop, but more important, I wanted to make sure I was not going to run into any major issues with suspension that would need dealing with. The tow cost a bit but I had always planned and budgeted for this, cheap piece of mind in my opinion.

I had South Island towing pick it up, tow it on a flat deck to OK Tires on Oldfield Road for the alignment. I know they have done a cobra before, and they are professional race car drivers. Needless to say, they ‘got it’ that this is not just another boring daily driver alignment. They were fantastic to work with, we spend some time going over a few things and they went to it. They got it bang on my specs.

The front specs for this car, with a manual steering are
Caster: 3°
Camber: -0.5°
Total Toe In: 1/16”

The rear has little adjustment, but they checked it any it was perfect.

Going for alignment

Going for alignment


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