Final touches before body goes on

I have not had much time to spend in the garage in the last 4 weeks, but this week I finally got back to it. I am working hard to get the car ready to go to paint.

The plan I have with the painter is to get the car as complete as complete as possible. This includes anything that needs to be done before the body goes on, then put the body on, mount and test fit all hardware on the body, remove it and take it to the painter. They will do the body work, then remove the body, paint it, and then we will together remount the body, and they will do the final door fitting etc. So by the time it leaves the painter, the body will be painted and mounted for the final time.

I had a tonne of to do items, some easy, some took longer. Lots of the 80/20 rule and lots of little items that I have been ignoring.

Things like:
-parking brake adjustment to tighten it better
-brake line clips around foot box
-fabricating the final panels over the driver footbox so it can be removed for servicing
-creating a door and locking mechanism for the glove box
-some electrical work under the dash
-clean up of wires in trunk
-mounting the center console and re-aligning dash
-mounting and fitting seatbelts, making sure my youngest can fit, and an adult also
-fitting the steering wheel length with seats in

We also got some good go carting in this weekend, doing some runs, making some adjustments etc.

The interior is complete for the most part, a couple bits on the steering wheel and glove box, but the carpet is all in, the seats are mounted for the final time and belts are in. The steering wheel needed some adjustments and the dash got moved around a bit.



Tomorrow the car is going in for alignment, then Thursday the body is going on. The next big challenge is the windshield. Many of them crack, they are not built well apparently, so there are lots of complicated tips to try to keep them from cracking. I am also going to start talking with ICBC about insurance and licensing. Very exciting!


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