Grade 7 sewing pays off

So how awesome is this!?! I had some left over leather from the dash so I decided to make a nice shifter boot for the gear shift. The one that comes with the car is rubber, and although more period correct, it was ugly.

I tasked my 13 year old son to build this. He had to make a paper template with the correct sizes and angles, trace and cut out the fabric, pin and sew them together. He started with four oversize panels, marked them up, sewed them one at a time, turned it right side out and tada! That grade seven sewing class, and some math also, really helped out!

He did an awesome job and now I have a perfect black leather shifter boot that matches the dash and glove box.

Cutting the four panels

Cutting the four panels

Sewing the shifter

Sewing the shifter

New Shifter boot (before trimming the ring)

New Shifter boot (before trimming the ring)


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