First Ride with a Passenger!!

After fighting with the seats for several days, I finally got them installed today along with the seat belts. The driver seat was a bear to install, lots of planning and measuring. The Driver side has seat tracks, and I didnt like the supplied hardware to install them, so I got different bolts and taped them into the frame. The supplied bolts were self tapping and I hate self tapping bolts.

Getting the seats in safe and securely is the most important thing. Also, its a tight squeeze so getting everything lined up to fit, not rub on the door, or rub on the transmission mount took lots of planning. Then checking, then remeasuring, then checking…repeat…. The hardest part was lining up the bolts to drill through the frame of the seats.

Once I actually got the nerve to drill, things lined up perfectly. phew…planning and checking paid off.

So, now with seats, and the simpson 5 point harness seatbelts, I could go out and do a bit of driving on our dead end street. I also took the kids out for a drive so they were the first official passengers.

First Passenger-my 13 year old

First Passenger-my 13 year old

Second official passenger

Second official passenger

The car drove pretty well for the first time out, I still need to work on the alignment, the brake hoses got recalled so i need to redo all those, and there is some tweaking to do all over the place.

Good fun driving in the cul de sac but not sure my neighbors all saw it that way. I guess I will need to take them all for a ride 🙂

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