Working to get seats in

It has been a while since I have written an update. Work, life, travel and other things have been consuming my time. I am slowly chipping away at getting seats installed so I can do some go-carting around the block. Up until now, I have kept the driving to a minimum because sitting on a bucket is not really a safe approach.

Before the seats can be installed there are several things I am working at. First of all, I had to get the floor boards installed. I decided to double laminate the floors under both drive and passenger feet to add a bit of thickness. Second, on the driver side I installed seat tracks so the seat can move forward and back to accommodate different height drivers. These get bolted to the 4 inch round tubes and the cross members.

After that, I have installed the FatMatt RattleTrap heat and sound shielding on the driver side, and have cut out all the pieces for the entire cockpit. This stuff is basically tar with a foil backing. It gets stuck on all interior and trunk aluminum to help with head in the cockpit from the engine, and acts as a sound dampener.

Next was the seat belts. I’m using Simpson 5 point harness seat belts. So far I have the driver side installed.

This weekend I will put on the driver door on, align the seat so it slides properly front to back and also clears both the transmission tunnel and door. It’s tight in there, so lining things up is of utmost importance. Then I will work on the passenger side which simply bolts to the frame without any seat tracks.

Seat Tracks and Belts

Seat Tracks and Belts

There were a few odds and sods that have been finished up.

Hood Hinges

Hood Hinges

High Beam switch installed

High Beam switch installed

And the most exciting part is I have selected a painter, and am working with them on colors. The painter is really great and is taking the time to explain how different pearls and colors work together. More on that later, but let me just say picking colors is way way way harder than I imagined it would be.


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