Interior panels

I have not made much progress in the last couple weeks. I was oversees, then busy over the Easter weekend. The time I did have was devoted to working on the interior panels etc. I want to get the seats bolted down and seat belts installed, so I am working toward that goal. To get to that point, I need to finish up some of the interior work, panels, heat/sound shield, parking brake to name a few.

The interior panels were a bit tricky to get all lined up. I started with the transmission tunnel, which meant taking apart most the center console. Then the rear panels, which consisted of 5 different panels, but needed to be installed all at once. These took much longer than I planned too, but they are all done and lined up and sealed pretty well.

The back wall of the interior is where I am going to install the speakers and a glove box. The speakers could only go in one spot due to the glove box and seat belts, and they will end up behind the seats. The glove box also has 2 usb ports for device charging.

Interior Panels

Interior Panels

I also re-did the parking brake for the third time. I was not happy with two aspects of it. The first was how it was rubbing on the transmission tunnel. I had to file out some of the mounts to move it over so it was not rubbing so bad. I also didnt like the large open gap of the aluminum to the ground below so I fabricated some aluminum panels to fill the gaps. It took a bit of work, and does not look pretty but I think it should work fine. It will all be covered in heat shield then carpet so function over form.

I finally got the final trunk panel installed. This one took a bit more effort since I had to remove the gas tank strap and the bumper mounts, install the panel then re install the strap and mounts. Not hard, just took much longer than I planned. This completes the trunk panels and ready for heat/sound shield.

Trunk Panels

Trunk Panels


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