Electrical comes to a completion

We have been working on the electrical since January and have now completed it. I want to thank Dana and Mo for all the assistance. They spent way more hours than we planned, and have done a fantastic job on the wiring. I know it is done right, it is safe, and it will last.

"You cut it twice and its still too short!!!"

“You cut it twice and its still too short!!!”

My Pit Crew

My Pit Crew

We ran into some hiccups along the way, but nothing these guys could not build around to fix. I don’t know much about electronics, but have learned a tonne from this process. It was quite amazing to watch and listen to them talk about what was actually happening from an electrical perspective. It just goes to show you that with the right knowledge and tools anything can be accomplished.

The last item we needed to finish was the tach. We were getting a tonne of noise off the coil. The tach was really jumpy and not accurate. We tried several things at first to diagnose the issue. Then a bit of trouble shooting like using shielded, grounded wire, shielding the tach etc but nothing was helping. After some research, Dana came up with a diagram for a passive filter with resistors etc that would clean the data going to the tach. Mo built it and that removed all the noise from the wire when we tested it. We dropped it in the car last night just behind the tach. This worked perfect and the tach now is showing a perfect reading.

Custom Tach filter

Custom Tach filter

Nice and clean wiring

Nice and clean wiring

So after many hours planning, building, very little trouble shooting and several custom built parts such as the tack filter we are done with electrical. If feels great!

Thanks again to both of you. It was fun, I learned a lot, and the project is better because of your involvement.

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