Big Milestone – turned over the engine!

We pretty much finished up the wiring the other day, just a couple little things to tidy up. So we figured what the heck, lets turn it over and see how we did. There is no fuel in the car yet, still have to run one last line so we knew it would not start, but we could see how the wiring side of it went.

The first crank was a bit of a let down…Nothing. Ok so I forgot to tighten a wire, easy fix. Second time, we found out the ground wire on the solenoid was not heavy enough (or as Dana puts it, the fuseble link). Ok no big deal, swapped it out, and the third crank everything worked flawlessly and the engine cranked over.

It was so exciting to hear the engine for the first time. What a great sound.

Everything is coming together. So close to that first start I always talk about. The next month is crazy busy, so will continue to chip away at it, but I am 100% confident the wiring it done, done right, done well.

Very Cool. The next post will hopefully be a video 🙂

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