Electrical – Part one

The electrical components of the car are coming along amazingly. I have the two guys helping me, electrical engineers/geniuses with lots of experience and all the necessary tools. Watching them work is a huge learning experience. This would have taken me months on my own, so I am really glad they offered to help.

Where to start, there is so much…

Harness – I ordered the Ron Francis wiring harness with the car. I thought (being new and all) that it would be a simple plug and play install, until I opened the box and found that was not the case. The gauges did not tie in, there were things I wanted to change etc.

Ron Francis harness

Ron Francis harness

The first change was that we wanted to have some computer control over some of the switches. As an example, we installed a momentary toggle for the turn signals. This is great, but needs some software to actually run it.

The answer to this, since we are computer guys in our real jobs, was to build our own. Dana fired up the old pbasic code and we developed a few routines that accomplished what we wanted. We then downloaded to a small stamp controller and Mo wired it all up in a water tight box to go in the trunk.

Cobra Brains

Cobra Brains

The second box constructed was for the battery cut off, 300 amp master fuse, and some extra power for things in the trunk such as courtesy light when trunk opens etc

Battery Box

Battery Box

These two boxes work in tandem, and required two new harnesses to run to the fuse box and dash. We included 8 extra wires, just in case…

Completed Boxes

Completed Boxes

From there, it was time to wire up the engine compartment, which is 90% complete. This included getting all the engine components in place including solenoid, starter, coil, diff, speedo assembly, oil pressure, water temperature, fan switch with a fan override switch etc. There are a few things to tidy up but for the most part its done and all the wires are connected and loomed.

The dash and the gauges are next. We wired the clutch safety switch to the T5 neutral switch. The gauges are all installed and will get wired in the coming week. The dash is all covered now, the console is built and switches are in, but not covered yet.

Dash and gauges installed

Dash and gauges installed

(and not the steering wheel is not blue, its covered in tape so it does not get scratched)

It does not sound like a ton, but getting all this figured out and in place was a huge task and the guys help has been invaluable. More to come on electrical once we get the dash wired up.

I am starting to get excited that this thing will actually get to be fired up. I didn’t think we would fire it till the summer, but now I am thinking March or April. I still have to do the fuel and water plumbing and have not sourced any of the lines yet. I don’t like the ones that come from factory five so I am going to find new ones for heater and radiator. I have ordered some chrome Holley parts for the carb which should be here this week. Then I will figure out fuel lines etc.

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