The car has brakes!

Finally got all the new stainless steel brake lines bent, mounted, tightened up. I had a few challenges. First I over torqued one of the banjo bolts. Not sure why, but the torque wrench didn’t click, so I kept tightening. I ended up squishing the cooper crush washer. I found a replacement at Lordco, installed it, tightened it up and that did the trick.

To bleed the brakes, I connected four clear hoses to each of the calipers, with the ends in jars with a bit of fluid in them. I opened them all up and thought I would see if gravity would allow the liquid to come through. I filled the system with brake fluid and in about 10 minutes, I had fluid to all four calipers. I also had a couple leaks, but I tightened those up, closed all the bleed screws and had Brennan help with the bleeding process. I taught him all about the how and why of brakes, bleeding them and how they work in general.

This morning there were no puddles on the ground, and I have a solid pedal pressure. I will probably bleed them a bit more closer to go carting, but for now, unless a leak appears, I am moving on. I really wanted the brakes done prior to installing the engine, which will hopefully be this weekend. I also got the passenger foot box all permanently installed.

I am glad I went with the Stainless Steel over the stock steel lines, they look a thousand times better.

2 thoughts on “Stop!

  1. Hi Rob:
    Are we still on for tomorrow morning? I will be picking up my Dad’s truck tonight unless the plans have changed.

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