It’s a roller!

This past weekend the car build has hit a major milestone.

I picked up the wheels last week from Point Roberts, then drove down to Bellingham to Discount Tire to have the tires mounted. The exact same tires from Discount were half the price if I got them here. That would have been worth the drive and ferry costs alone. If your ever needed new tires, I would strongly suggest calling them and getting a quote over the phone. They were fantastic to deal with. I ordered the tires over the phone, they held them in the shop until I could get there a few weeks later, and had them mounted with 45 minutes of me showing up there unannounced. The wheels are period correct Halibrand replica’s. Once they are fully installed, they will look like center pin drive style knock off wheels. The knock off’s are not installed yet. The tires are Nitto NT555, street legal Z rated. The rears are 315 35 17 and the fronts are 245 44 17.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tires

So after I put the wheels on the car, I torqued the rear end and we wheeled it out onto the drive way. This is the first time is has sat on its own on the ground. This is a significant milestone.





So very exciting. The engine is unpacked now, and plans are in motion to get it into the car just after Christmas.

Valve covers

Valve covers

Ok so Susan R came by on the weekend. She is an amazing photographer, and she took some great pictures. I will post them up on the flicker link at the bottom of the blog, but here are a few of my favorites.

This one is about typical…I am sitting on the tire, having a beer, while Tony is busy working his butt off in the back ground. Who says good help is hard to find!

Project Manager...?

Project Manager…?

Here are a few more. I was asked to include more photos, so here you go! Also goto the bottom of the blog and there is a link to flicker where i post more pictures when I think of it.

2013 McMicking Cobra Colour-2756

2013 McMicking Cobra Colour-2781

2013 McMicking Cobra Colour-2790

2013 McMicking Cobra Colour-2792

2013 McMicking Cobra Colour-2794

2013 McMicking Cobra Colour-2804


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