A week of HUGE deliveries!

It was an exciting week for both deliveries and planning. I did not get a tonne done to the car, but lots of things still moving forward.

The engine and transmission arrived this week. It was a bit sudden, I did not expect it until late January, but now I have time over Christmas to install it. It is a Ford 302 V8 small block, built by Fortins Engines in the lower mainland. It was built to my spec and keeping with my old school theme, is carbureted, not EFI. I just received as an early Christmas present from my wife the Energy Suspension mounts, so I am ready to put it in.

302 360 HP engine

302 360 HP engine

It has a custom cam, holley four barrel carbs and dyno’d at 360 Hp at a redline of 6400 rpm. There is tonnes of chrome in the engine compartment from the headers to the alternator and pulleys so should look clean and shiny. The engine has a nice flat torque line and is steady in the 320 torque range. It should be a nice easy engine to drive and I am excited to get it installed. More on the engine once I get it unpacked.

302 Dyno

302 Dyno

The wheels and tires also arrived this week. The wheels were shipped to my drop in Point Roberts and the tires I ordered from Discount Tire in Bellingham. This week I am going to pick up the wheels, head to Bellingham to have them mounted and then I can install them this weekend.

The interior noise reduction material also arrived. I ended up ordering a product from FatMat called RattleTrap. It is a .8m heat and sound barrier that gets applied to the interior of the cockpit and truck. It reduces noise, vibrations and heat in the cockpit. There were many options for this, and the prices really varied. I settled for somewhere in the middle, should do the job, but semi budget conscious.

I have also enlisted help from two buddies for the wiring. They are great at this, and the wiring was one of my weaker spots. We met today for a couple hours to create a plan, figure out what we need to design, order, build etc. I ordered the cobra wiring harness since this was a weak point, and we will use about 80% of it, then add several enhancements. These enhancements will be great, but things I could never do, so I really appreciate the help.

I got the dash and gauges all laid out. The dash is going to be covered in black leather. I still need to build a console and decide on switches but here is a shot of the first mockup with gauges installed. Thanks to Joe for the extra electrical parts he dropped off today!

Gauges mocked up

Gauges mocked up


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