Long weekend build marathon

With the long weekend, the help of Tony (thanks) and a marathon build session, we got a tonne done this weekend.

Pedals and Master Cylinders

We are using the Wilwood pedal box. It includes the brake and clutch pedals along with the dual master brake cylinders and balance bar. Nothing goes totally smoothly. I hear this constantly on the car building forums I belong to. The best response I have seen to this is Your Building a Race Car, not lego! and its true. These cars are kits and they are incredibly well put together, but bringing thousands of parts together from different vendors and manufactures, with so many configurations and options creates a few hiccups.

Our hiccup this weekend was that the clutch pedal hit the frame of the car, so it would not depress totally. After hours of research, ponders, contemplating what the best option was to resolve the issue, we decided to cut the frame then re-enforce it. This is the recommend fix, it is not a structural piece of the frame, rather just a mount point so this how we proceeded. The other option was to modify the pedal, but I have read some pedals have broken after modifying them, so this seems like the logical fix.

The notch we needed to make did not need to be very big but to be able to properly reinforce the frame, we made a big bigger cut so we could get steel inside the tube. The other option was to make the small notch and just leave it without re-enforcing it. I think this would have been fine too, but decided to error on the side of caution.

Once cut and confirmed that the pedal would travel all the way, we filled the 3/4 inch tube with a solid section of 5/8″ steel, and backed the structure with a 3/4″ section. We bolted these all together and its as strong as new!

Pedal box frame mod

Pedal box frame mod

After completing the pedal box frame modification that allowed us to get the entire pedal box installed. This included getting the front and rear master cylinders installed and plumbed with the brake fluid reservoir.

Master Cylinders

Master Cylinders

Wilwood Pedals

Wilwood Pedals

Gas Tank

The gas tank needed assembly prior to mounting in the car. This included the fuel pickup assembly and the gas level sender, along with the fuel filler and vent.

Gas tank assembled

Gas tank assembled

We raised the tank into place, sitting in the plastic protective cover. The two straps that held the tank down were incredibly tough to get connected. The passenger side just did not fit. I had done quite a bit of research on this, and there were suggested modifications, re-shaping the tank, cutting supports etc. We opted for what we thought was a fairly simple solution, we went and bought a longer bolt. 45 cents, problem solved. The fuel lines are run as far as the external electric fuel pump, which needs mounting.

Gas Tank installed

Gas Tank installed


The soft lines are installed now, but still need to run the hard lines.

Next steps:

  • get the fuel pump mounted and lines run up to the engine compartment
  • run the hard brake lines
  • start electrical – more on this soon!
  • The engine is coming in January, so timing getting things done for its arrival!

    A good weekend, lots of progress.

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