Pushing forward (or in this case REAR)

Surgery is complete, but I am still not able to walk or bend my leg. This has slowed down progress significantly. This week I started working on the sections that I could build on the bench while sitting at a stool. This included a good start at the pedal box and the emergency brake.

Today however was a totally different story. Today I had Tony and Paul come over for the day to be my professional builders. They did a fantastic job too! They installed the Rear Axle, shocks and brakes on the car. (thanks guys!)

First, Paul finished grinding off the old shock tabs that I had started prior to my knee accident.

Grinding off old metal

Grinding off old metal

Getting the rear end installed is a major milestone for a couple reasons. First, the rear axle components were the first to arrive, and I have moved them around dozens of times since they kept getting in the way. Its nice to have it installed and off the floor. Second, and this is big, is that all the parts are really coming together, and today, for the first time, it is actually starting to look like a car.

Rear End installed

Rear End installed

After the rear end was installed, we installed the Koni Shocks, then the brake assembly. I had to fabricate some steel spaces to be able to get the rear brake calipers lined up properly.

Getting the brakes installed

Getting the brakes installed

Today was a great day! So nice to have Great Friends to help, and building the car is so much fun.


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