Breeze bushings

Last week when we installed the steering rack, we were having getting trouble getting it centered. It seems to be offset by about an inch. I did some research and found that others have had similar problems. The recommended solution was to order billet aluminum solid offset bushings from Breeze Automotive. They were not too expensive so I thought i would give it a shot. They arrived last night and we installed them. One of the frame ears to bolt the rack to was not lined up well so it caused some grief. With the FFR rubber bushings, we made out ok because they had some give. These ones do not have any give, but after a bit of using the persuader (the name the kids gave to one of the hammers) we managed to get it in. It was a tight fit.

Breeze offset bushings

Breeze offset bushings

The rack looks much better now, not 100% centered, but much better. There are some additional benefits to these as well:
“According to Mott College lowering the rack in addition to installing the FFR rack extenders further reduces bump steer. Fits all racks, manual and power. The one piece bushings insert from rear to clamp rack to the rear face of the front mounting ear. This makes the rack an integral frame member and adds to the stiffness of the front of the frame. The position is about 1/4″ further forward than when installing the rack with two piece poly bushings.”

Bushings installed

Bushings installed


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