Weekend progress

This was the first weekend that I actually had to work on the car. I feel pretty good, made good progress, got over a few hurdles, and had fun the entire time.

This weekend we got the following done.

Finished getting the front suspension assembled. This included adding the hubs to the spindles, torqueing the front suspension, installing the tie rods and adding the steering rack on and all the parts up to the steering wheel. I have a bit of an alignment issue so am looking into this. I don’t think its major, just need to do some research.

To get the hubs on the spindles, I had to do a couple things. First, a bit of Emory cloth to trim a bit of of a ridge (.001) off the spindle at the front, cooled the spindles with an ice pack, and heated the hubs in the oven to 200 degrees. They slid right on! We also got them torqued to 250 foot pounds.

Heating spindles to install them

Heating spindles to install them

We also got the front brake calipers painted, cured and assembled. We can get the front rotors on this week then that will basically complete the front suspension and steering. I went with black calipers since the Halibrand wheels we are getting I don’t think red would look good. The wheel should be the focus, not the brakes.

The fabrication on the driver footbox is also done, so all the rest of the engine panels are going the powder coater this week.

I fabricated a new firewall support panel to make the firewall sturdier. It was actually pretty simple. I started with cardboard, cut a template, then cut the aluminum out with a jig saw, bent it in a vise with a medal bar and hammer to make the angle, then used a dremel to finish it all up.

From here, we will install the rear axle then move on to fuel.

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