Getting started

The shipment of parts finally arrived this week that contained all the items that could not be imported to Canada from Factory Five. These parts include all the breaking, suspension, fuel systems and a few other related items. The pallet was about 400 lbs and contained the very first parts we needed to get started. So now between this shipment, and the original crate that came in August, we have most of the parts we need with the exception of the engine and transmission. There are a few things to get as we progress through the build, but we have the bulk.

We got started on the build last night for a couple hours. We started with the passenger side front independent suspension, so far so good. Hopefully we will get more time later today.

Getting Started

Getting Started

2 thoughts on “Getting started

  1. Lookin good Rob!
    I picked up that Cobra build book through Amazon, just finished it last night, a good bit of insight. looking forward Detroit in three weeks! Will give you call when we return.
    Happy building!

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