Powder coating

The first panels that need to be put permanently on the car are called F panels. They are in the engine bay but they need to be put on prior to front suspension due to how they are attached.

All of the aluminum panels are raw, and need treating prior to installation. There are several options:

  • clean, polish, cover with shark hide
  • clean, spray paint
  • powder coat

  • I decided that for the engine bay, we would powder coat the panels. The rest of the panels not visible in the engine bay will either be powder coated or painted, have not decided. The powder coating is actually pretty reasonably priced and is the most permanent finish.

    The F panels were powder coated yesterday, we chose Metallic Marine Silver. The engine we are going for just a black block so this should give a nice contrast. I also think we will end up with a silver le mans stripe, so it should tie in.

    Here is a picture of the powder coated F panels (named for their shape). You can see the untreated aluminum in background, those panels need more fabrication prior to powder coating.

    Powder coated F panel

    Powder coated F panel

    The brass looking fasteners are called Cleckos. They are temporary rivets, and make the aluminum fabrication and alignment much easier. You can attach the panels with the cleckos, and remove them as many times as you need.

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