Ball joint and upper contol arm

After reading a lot on the forums about the ball joints slipping, I decided I would get out the big hammer and make sure the ball joint and upper control arms stays in place.

The recommended ‘best’ approach is install the ball joint, then tack weld them.

Here is a picture of the completed weld.


One thought on “Ball joint and upper contol arm

  1. Hello there Rob,
    Its great to find your MRK 4 build blog. I take it you live in Victoria B.C? I am headed down to for the Factory Five Build school in October for their three day course before ordering my MK4. You have already gone down the road on a bunch of build topics I’ve been doing homework on. ( from ordering, customs, crate, trucking…ect)
    If you have time Id like to chat with you and seeing your car would,… well just be a bonus!

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