Removing the body

So the big question was, what would the crate look like, how would it be constructed, and could i store stuff in it. Well, the crate was built very well, but it was all nailed, and it weighed alot, more than four guys could lift and move. By the time we extracted the car, there was not much left of a box shape. More like four sides laying on the lawn and a huge platform in the driveway.

So I decided that instead of trying to keep the crate, I would turn it into a body buck. A body buck is what the red fiberglass body needs to sit on when not on the car so it does not warp.

I had seen lots of 2×4 and press board body buck drawings, but I really only had 4×8 press board to work with. Plus I did not know yet where to keep the body. The choices are outside, above the car in the garage, or suspend from the ceiling. Not sure yet so I just built enough of the frame to keep the body in the second car bay for now.

I also built it in such a way that I could store about 75% of the boxes in it too, so now that I am down with the inventory, I can put the boxes in there and out of the way.

Tony came over and we removed the body, and placed it on the buck. It was simple and light, but I can see once it is painted, it will be a highly stressful time to put the body back on. It has to flex somewhat to go on.

Next step is to remove the aluminum panels.





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