Car has Arrived!

The car arrived on Tuesday, Aug 6th at 9 am.  It was delayed due to the long weekend and transportation snags to the island.

I met the shipping company, Penta, at the Totem Towing lot, where we transferred the 16 foot shipping crate from the flat deck to the Totem car hauler.  Everything went smoothly, and both parties were great to deal with.


Transferring to flat deck

Totem delivered the crate by gently sliding it off the flat deck.  

Delivery with excited boys..

Delivery with excited boys..

Then, we got to crack it open.  This is the biggest Christmas present ever! ( I think they should paint the crate and put a bow on it).

Here is what was in there!

Here is what was in there!

The next step was to unload the boxes, and then move the car into the garage. This took several hours in total. We slide the car onto moving dollys and pushed in inside. Then put it up on jack stands.

Almost there!

Almost there!

We opened all the boxes, some had one or two parts in them, some had dozens. That took us all afternoon and was really fun discovering all the different parts. The kids liked finding the steering wheel, the car keys and the chrome exhaust pipes.

The next step it to get the body off, which will be in the next day or so.

Many thanks to Al at Western Canada Cobras. I ordered the Factory Five kit through him since he is the Canadian Distributor of Factory Five cars. Not only did he answer my thousands of questions, he organized the paperwork and dealt with Canadian Customs and DOT, and arranges the shipping. Al made the whole process of getting the car from Factory Five to my door simple and easy.


2 thoughts on “Car has Arrived!

    • Thanks Joe! After I saw how great your car was, I just could not say no any longer. I built a body buck last night out of the crate wood but thanks.

      Took me 12 years but I finally got the garage cleaned up too!

      Now the questions will start!

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