The car has shipped!!!

The car has shipped from Factory Five in Wareham, Massachusetts.

It is coming on a truck, all packed in a very expensive shipping crate. Shipping cost a fortune…I could have probably driven to Massachusetts, and towed it home cheaper.  The shipping and the crate are a couple of the ‘additional’ costs incurred to get this
kit to Canada. (Shipping to Seattle is half price to what I paid, and no crate).



I am not sure what i will do with the crate. Depending on how well it is built, I may put it in the
yard and store the fiberglass body in it until it is ready to paint. If if looks well built I also may store
some of the parts in it. I am a bit concerned about moisture with the parts. Some parts may not matter, like the windshield etc but would hate to find out that was a bad idea later on.

The crate is shipped to a warehouse here in Victoria. Yup another ‘additional’ cost for us, I have to
get it from the warehouse to home. I could get a flat deck tow truck, or a flat bed uhaul or simliar.
Not sure, I am going to wait till it arrives and then figure out the lowest cost solution.


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