Overview of the build plan

So far, here is the build plan.  It is subject to change based on cost, day of the week, shiny objects I find online etc.

Factory Five Canada Kit: this basically includes the frame (powder coated black), fiberglass Mk4 body, all finishing parts ie windshield, door handles, interior etc.  If your really interested, or want to know about the canadian import rules, you can read the complete list and rules here.

I ordered the kit with the following items as upgrades:

  • stainless steel header side pipes, and headers, set up for a 302/350 engine,
  • dual chrome roll bars,
  • leather low back vintage seats,
  • vintage all black gauges,
  • wind wings and sun visors,
  • heater,
  • wipers (a law in Canada)

Factory Five Completion Kit: this is basically all the parts that need to be sourced from Canada due to import laws that you cant bring over the border. This includes steering, suspension, fuel, braking.

4 Link Solid axle read end:  the rear end will be a 4 link 1990 Mustang Fox body 8.8 rear end with 3.55 gear ratio.

Still to decide:

  • Engine : I think I have decided on a 302/350 hp engine
  • Transmission: Planning on the basic T5 Tremtec transmission.
  • Wheels and Tires:  I did not order the stock cobra wheels when I placed the original order. I dont love them, and 90% of the cobras you see have them, so I am going to order something else.
  • There are dozens of upgrades/mods that I want to make, but I am going to wait until I get into the build before I make these kinds of choices.
  • Paint: each week is a different color choice.. I think this will be one of the harder decisions.

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