A historic day…

May 29th, 2013.  I placed my order for a Factory Five Roadster.  I have always wanted a Shelby Cobra so this is a huge huge day for me.

It is called a replication kit car of a 1965 Ford Shelby Cobra Roadster.  It is the most replicated car in the world.   The parts will start to arrive mid to late July, with the biggest section hopefully by Aug 1.

This is basically what a finished Factory Five cobra looks like.


Since we are building it ourselves, it will look a little different, color, options etc.  I figure it will take 18-24 months to complete, but don’t hold me to that.

It is manufactured in the USA, but due to Canadian import rules, we have to buy the parts from several different places.

We will get the chassis and body shell from www.factoryfive.com  in Massachusetts, the steering and braking from other vendors, the engine will be a 302/350 ford with 380 HP , built in Burnaby, the transmission is new from a company called tremtec. The differential is rebuilt in Kaslo, the tires and wheels come from California and may of the accessories come from different suppliers around north America.  We will be on a first name basis with UPS.

Once complete, this car will be 2200 lbs, have 380 HP, and be capable of 12 second quarter mile.

The car will have two roll bars on it, black interior, leather seats but we have not yet picked a color.    We don’t need to decide for a year or so, so that will probably change many times

Basically it is a big kit of lego, supplied by 6-7 different companies, but will have all the parts necessary to complete it.


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